The DudePaper

What is Dudeness?

In this section we will cover the fundamentals of dudeness and the connection to the 'dudedudes', the truest dudes of all.

An Introduction to Dudeness

“Dudeness is found in the heart, not a body part.” - Sayings from The Way Of The Dude Vol. I
One common misconception is that dudeness can only be found in males, this is understandable considering the consequences of the 1970s, but is utterly false. To be a dude is a way of life, it is a mode of being, not a type of being. Anyone can be a dude if they choose to become one.
So how do you become a dude? Good question anon. Read on to find out how:

Over many centuries 5 key tenets have become the foundation of true dudeness:

  1. 1.
    Two dudes are better than one
  2. 2.
    Dudes support dudes
  3. 3.
    Dudes call dudes “dudes”
  4. 4.
    Dudes share their moods with dudes
  5. 5.
    Grateful dudes are the greatest dudes

Dudeness Unpacked

Two dudes are better than one

We all know it to be true, two dudes are better than one! To be a dude is to be part of the dudehood- it is impossible to be a dude in isolation. It's like being a brother without a sibling, it's self-contradictory.

Dudes support dudes

A dude is always at the hand of another dude. If a dude be in need, a dude does what any dude would - offer a helping hand.

Dudes call dudes "dudes"

To be a dude is to be called a dude. Dudes are always greeting one another with a 'sup dude' or 'sd' for short. It is a way that binds us through thick and thin.

Dudes share their moods with dudes

It is easy to become isolated in this life. That is why dudes are honest with fellow dudes about how they feel. "It is an essential part of a dude's day - making sure a dude has their say." Make time to listen and make time to speak and dudeness grows like tall.

Grateful dudes are the greatest dudes

"Resentment left to its own devices will eat the heart of man like a sandwich" - Elon Musk
The greatest dudes among us practice the art of gratitude. How can dudes expect to offer support if we harbour vicious thoughts against one another?
"We must strive to live in peace with each other, for it is at that moment dudeness springs forth from within us." - Muhammad Ali

So after all this, we stand at the precipice of dudeness, ready to see pure, true, ultimate dudes come to life!